Mx Vs ATV Untamed

Building on their rich history of racing properties, Rainbow Studios has created an off-road masterpiece in MX vs. ATV Unleashed. Choose from a multitude of rides including ATV’s, monster trucks, sand rails and more, and tear through miles of open terrain in the ultimate quest to conquer the off-road. Compete in new racing events, minigames and massive free world environments featuring hill climbs, machine challenges, gap jumps and short track races. A career mode will feature MX bikes and ATV’s, as the two vehicles collide on the same track to determine racing’s best machine. Rainbow’s breakthrough physics model, Rhythm Racing, offers an unparalleled racing experience through rugged outdoor tracks, technical Supercross courses, and a unique combination of the two called SuperMoto. For those in need of testing their limits, freestyle offers four unique modes and introduces the 360° back flip twist. MX vs. ATV Unleashed is everything off-road. Drive it, fly it, and race it in a complete off-road masterpiece. Features: Everything Off-Road: Motocross bikes, ATV’s, sand-rails, monster trucks, bi-planes and even 4X4 golf carts New Racing Events, Mini-games and Freestyle Challenges – SuperMoto, Short track, Hill climbs, Way point races, Monster Mash, Gap Jumps and more… Groundbreaking MX vs. ATV Career Mode – MX bikes and ATV’s meet on the same track to determine racing’s best machine Online – Race against 8 players on Xbox Live and PlayStation2 with live chat Rhythm Racing – Rainbow’s breakthrough physics model that allows players to race through unique non-linear environments with exceptional real world animations

Mx Vs ATV Untamed

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This game is fun for all ages, but is still challenging for advanced players. Lots of fun. I would definitely suggest it to friends.

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Burnout Legends

Burnout: Legends takes the most explosive moments of the popular Burnout series of racing games, mashes themtogether and adds some new surprises — giving you the best racing experience to come out for the PSP. Use your car as a weapon and battle your way to the front of the pack – by taking out rivals and instigating spectacular crashes. Speed, depth and destruction are waiting for you, in the game of on-the-go automotive anarchy.

Burnout Legends

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Great Great Game! So, here is a different take on reviewing this game. I know everyone else loves the racing of the Burnout series, and surely this is some of the best racing on any platform. However, for me, the absolute best thing about the Burnout series is the crash mode. INCREDIBLE! It is hard to put into words why it is so much fun to drive as fast as you possibly can into a crowded intersection to see just how much monetary destruction you can cause. It’s like primordial fun. Your inner beast gets to come out in the form of plowing through semi trucks cars and minivans. Plus, every time you complete a crash intersection, you unlock another. Each crash is different, each intersection is different. Eventually you’ll get to harder to crash intersections and the crash mode becomes somewhat of an addicting puzzler, trying to figure out how to get the gold. Each crash intersection takes about 1 minute to complete lending this mode of the game to the perfect portable title.

Bottom Line: Is it fun? Yes. If you like completely destroying cars and you don’t mind using a little brainpower to do it, or if you just want the best racer anywhere, get this game. Will I keep it? It can be played forever. Is it for kids? Extremely violent car crashes with no people involved. My kids can’t get enough of it.

This is truly a fun game… especially if you like to run into other cars and make them crash and burn. For Burnout 3 fans, this game will not disappoint you. It has the best features from the other previous burnout games… like pursuit mode where you get to be a cop car and run down other cars. I also own wipeout, and ridge racer and I have to say that this game is a step up from those games in terms of fun gameplay.

Tips: The game will ask you to upgrade your firmware to version 1.52 before you can play it, this was a big turn off for me. If you don’t want to upgrade, there ARE alternatives available on the web that allow you to play this game without upgrading firmware, so don’t worry. Search the psp websites out there before you upgrade.

Electronic Arts and Criterion have made the Burnout series the most successful and exciting racing video game series to date. Now a yearly franchise (or so it seems), Criterion dropped the bomb on the home consoles this September when they released Burnout Revenge. They also released a PlayStation Portable Burnout, titled Burnout Legends, which is one of the best PSP games to date. With all of the hard-hitting crashes and the same blazing speed of the console games, Burnout Legends holds true to its legacy and delivers in every way.

Burnout Legends takes bits and pieces of Burnout, Burnout 2, and Burnout 3: Takedown and optimizes the experience for the PSP. You’ll instantly recognize some courses, cars, and Crash Junctions if you’ve played any of these three games. This means that there hasn’t been much new stuff added to the mix, but what is crunched up into this UMD is impressive. There are eight gameplay modes, including Ad Hoc WiFi multiplayer, and the single player World Tour mode has over 170 events on its own as well as the usual 100 Crash Junctions. It would be safe to say that Burnout Legends will take players as long to complete as Burnout Revenge would on a home console.

After four or five years of high-speed crashes, I’m surprised that EA has managed to keep this franchise fresh and entertaining but somehow they surpass themselves every year with something new. In this year’s revenge, you have the ability to ram pedestrian cars around and potentially cause crashes this way. Unfortunately, Burnout Revenge’s newest feature is exempt from Legends. This means that Legends plays in almost every way like Burnout 3: Takedown, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it just means that Takedown veterans won’t find anything new to try.

Still, all of those events never get old. Crash Junctions are as fast, explosive, and hectic as ever. I could never tire of making 30-car pile-ups. There are rewards for players who rack up damage dollars and collect gold medals, of course, so getting all of the gold medals in this game is as addictive as before. As a side note, though, I was disappointed as I noticed it was slightly easier to get gold medals in most of the challenges.

Visually Burnout Legends ranks among the best-looking PSP games so far. The exaggerated sparks from Burnout 3 return and the explosions, filled with smoke and debris, look right at home on the PSP. The crashing not only looks great, but it sounds great as well. The sound of metal buckling and explosions going off is as sweet as candy. As far as music goes, the soundtrack is similar to most of EA’s other games this year. It contains pop rock and punk rock, so take it or leave it.

I noticed a few small glitches while playing Burnout Legends, but nothing really distracts from the experience. Sometimes when I was taken down or I’d crash, my car would fly into a tree and get stuck or slide along a wall until the crashing sequence ended itself. I’ve always thought this, but some Crash Junctions are more luck than skill. No two attempts at the same Crash Junction will end exactly the same, so some Junctions may take one or two tries while others could take an hour or so to finally beat. I know there was one Junction that I tried about thirty times and still never managed to earn gold until I tried it one last time and blew the score away. It’s inconsistent, but it’s always fun.

In conclusion, Burnout Legends is one of the premium PSP games. It ranks among Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, Metal Gear Acid, and Wipeout Pure as one of my favorite games on the console. With so much to do and so much excitement while doing it, Burnout Legends is an explosive rush quite unlike anything else on the PSP. The console is loaded with racing games (and there’s still more on the way) but you’d be hard-pressed to find something better than this.

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Wow!! This game really is fun. Although it was a gift for my 9 yr old son, I play this game all the time and find myself having trouble putting it down. The graphics are so real! When you crash, it is so real looking, it is actually SCARY! It is worth the money, just for the graphics!!

I first played this impressive game on the Xbox 360. I haven’t broken down and bought the 360 yet so I figured that I would give it a whirl on the PSP that I own. WOW!! This game is hours of fun. Great graphics and control. You have to love the ‘Crash’ mode where you try to cause the most insane wreck. Buses, semis, and cars create a pile of twisted metal that makes me smile!! Check this game out. Plus the price is right.

Burnout Legends for the PSP is by far the best racer released for this brand new system! It is hands down, the best portable racing game I have ever played. Okay, so I haven’t played a lot of portable racers, but I’ll even go so far to say it is in the top five racers I’ve played on all systems, portable and console! It’s that good!

I own Burnout 2 and 3, both on the X Box. I was instantly interested when I heard that a port of Burnout 3 was coming to the Playstation Portable. Having become a HUGE fan of the Burnout series on the X Box, I knew (well, at least hoped) that the PSP version would be even half as good as what I had become accustomed to Well, you know what? It was! Maybe even better, in its own PSP sort of way.

I was a little hesitant to get my hopes up for any kind of mode even close to the original, but EA did an excellent job of mimicking the console’s positive aspects, including the spectacular crashes and sense of speed. The sense of speed is so great, that I actually have to hold the PSP close to my eyes, because I feel like I’ll hit something I don’t want to before I can turn. At first it seems like a negative; but after a while you get used to it. It adds to the excitement that you are so close to having a spectacularly spectacular crash, THEN BOOOOOOOM!!!! Big time crash.

Various modes, also included in the Burnout 3 version offered on X Box and Playstation 2. But, there is the Police Car Chase mode, where you get to chase down a “Gangster,” I have already gotten the “Gangster car” but still working on getting the other bonus cars.

I love taking down Oil tankers in crash mode. They explode across the screen, with spectacular results! Watch the screen for clues of bonus points, and “traffic patterns” to give you information about how to make a great crash, and earn mega bucks. One thing I don’t see in this game is “heartbrakers.” Hitting them cut your score in half. No complaints, but I’m wondering if anyone missed them from the console version? Maybe they only exist in multi-player on the X Box?

Okay, no custom soundtracks. I think that would be a nice feature, if Sony could pull it off with Tracks saved on my memory card, for example. This was a feature that got a lot of mention, but apparently never came to fruition. Maybe next time. I don’t really dig on the current mix of songs, but the game gives you the option to lower the playability, or completely turn them off, song by song. A nice feature.

My favorite game so far on the PSP.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Graphics: 9/10

Replayability: 9/10

Sound: 7/10

Very nice graphics and tons of gameplay. The cars are fun to drive and the sense of speed that is present in the PS2, and Xbox versions are still there. It has great replay value and is super easy to pick up and play whenever you feel like getting a race in.

I bought this game by the reviews here and I was expecting something different. It’s not as fun for me as I thought it would…but it doesn’t mean that I won’t reccomend this. My little nephew LOVES the game and I did find the crashes kind of fun to look at. It just got old after awhile. But overall the game IS worth the buy and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it. :)

What is a recipe for a good racing game? Is it good graphics? Fast Cars? Ability to vaporize your opposition? You name it—Burnout Legends has it all and then some! Blend in the easy to use controls and this game will keep you busy for hours, because it has something for everyone. Also, lets not forget the ability of PSP to PSP multiplayer mode. However, I must warn that its very difficult to find otehr online foes.

My favorite part of the game? Crash Mode, of course! This is a collection of 100 or so mini-missions, where you must use your car to cause as much damage as possible in a crowded area full of vehicles ranging from compact cars to huge busses.

Also, the more you play, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more vehickles you unlock.

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto, Carmageddon and other similar genre games, you just HAVE TO give this game a try. If you don’t, you are missing out a lot!

OH MY GOD!! This game is definately the best game so far on PSP. I bought this as a second game on my PSP after mercury. I wanted a game different than mercury(a.k.a. not puzzles). I had enough money and i really wanted not only a game, but a fun as hell game. For 40$, this game is definately worth it. Its fast, fun, great graphics, and a great racing system. Crashing, racing, and everything anyone could want! If your not sure about a game, but you have the money and want a game, BUY THIS!!! I SWEAR YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!

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ATV Offroad Fury Pro

MODEL- 98648 VENDOR- SONY FEATURES- ATV OffRoad Fury Pro PSP Battle for offroad supremacy with ATV Offroad Fury Pro. Experience “on the go” offroad racing like never before with more than 30 different vehicles including ATV s MX Bikes Buggies and Trophy Trucks while competing in 8 different adrenaline-pumping events. Combining beautifully detailed graphics intense racing action with numerous classic tricks ATV Offroad Fury Pro brings the intensity of offroad racing to the PSP system.* More than 30 Vehicles Choose from the classic ATV’s or for the first time in franchise history race with MX Bikes Buggies and Trophy Trucks.* 8 Electrifying Events Including Supercross Nationals Freestyle Endurocross Rally Stages Rallycross Snowcross & Circuitcross.* Vehicle Customization Upgrade components and performance parts to create the slickest fastest and most durable vehicle on any trail.* Compatible with ATV Offroad Fury 4 (for the PlayStation 2) Multiple connectivity features including sharing of custom tracks vehicle and part sharing sound tracks decals and much more.* New Track Editor Custom design your own track and build the biggest jumps and slickest berms. Once your track has been built share it with other PSP system owners.* Minigames Take a break from the frantic fast-paced racing action and enter a fun minigame festival. A wide variety of games will provide multiple challenges. — SPECIFICATIONs ———————————–ESRB Rating : E for EveryoneGenre/Category : ShooterSystem : Playstation PortableNumber of Players : On-Line Compatible: Yes

ATV Offroad Fury Pro

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Its a pretty fun game. It has unbelievable graphics and an amazing variety of vehicles. Such as a buggy, truck, snowmobile, ATV, MX, and much more. There is online play and an online chatting feature for fans that like to chat.The online features have much more than ATV Offroad Fury Blazin’ Trails. The compitition is way easier than the last one. And this time you get points after the race. Like a sponser bonus, stunt point bonus, and a ranking bonus. I would strongly suggest this game for racing fans. Overall its a really fun game and my rating is 5 stars:)

Ok, let me say that I did not think this would be much of a game. I travel by train a lot and needed a game to kinda keep me busy. Took it with me and almost missed my stop. You can not beat this game for under $[...]. You cant! Music is cool, controls are good, graphics are good. I say four stars but price makes it 5 stars. Dont like the other ATV games much, they are decent but this one is a real nice buy. If you dont have any racing games, give this one a try.

Let’s face it, the PSP doesn’t have a lot of great games. Fortunately, this is one of them. Graphics are good. Unlike a lot of racing games for PSP, it’s easy to see what’s going on. Controls are easy to master. Hard to put this game down.

The item is perfect to me and my family i’m very Satisfied with the product, i’m recommend this product to use.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro is a great game easy to play, I never liked super cross games but this game is exception, I like that I can pick how difficult level of the game and its easy to but different rides all you do is drift and jump. buy this game you wont regret it.

I find this game really fun, can’t seem to put it down. highly recommeded. rhe grafics are great and the musiv is awsome. the veriety of vehicles make this game even better. a must buy

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