Midnight Club: LA Remix

Features include: •Optimized for portable game play with quicker races and reduced load times •Multiplayer racing for up to 4 players through local ad-hoc Wi-Fi •Includes the additional map of the city of Tokyo, with its own unique races •Los Angeles map includes real landmarks and streets, variable weather patterns and three different times of day •Multiple game modes include Career mode with Reputation points and open-ended mission structure

Midnight Club: LA Remix

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While the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Midnight Club have gotten the most attention, this LA Remix version will please PSP fans looking for some hot, wild racing on the go.

This version in fact adds a second city, Tokyo, which you unlock in career mode after mastering LA.

LA Remix also has ad-hoc wireless racing for up to four players.

In short, at $40, this version of MC probably gives you the most bang for your buck.

And did I mention how good the game looks on the PSP’s bright little screen? Beautiful — and the cars handle wonderfully as well.

What cars are here? Tuners including a Pontiac Solstice and Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. Muscle cars past and present, like a ’69 Mustang Boss 302, a ’70 General Lee, and the new Camaro. Plus exotics like the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, the Ford GT and Shelby Cobra, a brace of Lambos, and a Saleen S7. No Ferraris or Bugattis, unfortunately…

There are shortcuts and multiple routes… cop chases and interference… wild power-ups and air time… and your car takes damage — too much, and the race is over!

The long and short is — there’s tons of fun for PSP fans here. Highly recommended!

Midnight Club: LA Remix is the best racing game on the PSP. Even better than the new Gran Turismo game on PSP. Midnight Club: LA Remix is also perfect even if you’re not that big of a racing game fan as much as it is perfect for racing game fans.

There are so many things to do on Midnight Club: LA Remix.
- Free Roam around 2 Huge Maps of Los Angeles, CA, USA and Tokyo, Japan.
- Tons and tons of Exterior Customization from tons of body parts, rims, license plates, etc.
- Tons and tons of Interior Customization from tons of seats, steering wheels, gauges, etc.
- A 24 Hour Day/Night cycle, so the time of day is constantly changing
- Weather effects from clear and sunny weather to cloudy weather, rain, etc.
- A huge ammount of cars in all different types from Tuners, Muscle cars, Exotics, etc.
- There are also Motorcycles where you can pull wheelies and do stoppies, with tons of customization like the cars.
- All of the Cars and Motorcycles are real life, licensed vehicles like Lamborghini, Kawasaki, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, and more.
- Dynamic Police that chase you if you run a right light or go past the speed limit. You can then also lose the cops. However, you can then also get pulled over and arrested.
- More customization like a vinyl editior (like in Forza 2) where you can create any image and overal vinyl you want using various shapes, letters, and numbers. Example like a “The Dark Knight” car, the McDonalds logo, etc.

So, if you are a racing game fan or not, whoever you are, if you have a PSP get Midnight Club: LA Remix!

i like to play this games in my PSP 2 that is protable game at any time any where its really good

I haven’t given this yet since this this is a Christmas gift and I am sure he will love it!

I bought this game no problem arrived ontime in good condition..
I am very happy the game was brand new thanks

my older son used to have GTA for the psp and i didnt want my younger son playing that game so i got rid of it and replaced it with this one. the kids love this game and take turns to play.

midnight club los angeles is awesome i love it you can customize you car in all sorts a ways and the gameplay is fluid like water, and i like how you can drive to you garage i hav’nt yet unlocked tokyo chalenge yet but it looks good. good for the price man congrats for the game team, may be some profanity so kids 10+ i rate. get this game please, only glitch is online gameplay does’nt quite work. bye

The first midnight club that i bought was Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. I thought the game was way better than other racing games because it had a city to race through that was realistic , and let’s face it, it is funny as hell crashing over curbs and flipping end over end down the streets of a real city. The upgrades to the engine, the cool neons and other exterior adjustments, and the collection of cool cars you can get over time were also great parts to the game. The new game has one less city, but the colors are more vibrant, and i think the animation quality has gotten better too. Anyways a great second game. I was waiting for this to come out, and it was as cool as i thought it would be.

I am very satisfied with this seller and product. This seller made everything really great and smooth. The shipping was fast and my product arrived in perfect condition before the delivery estimate days. I will definitely do business with them again.

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